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Our Services

Looking to rent a drone in The Netherlands? We can help you out!

Drone workshop

Drones can be used for all sorts of solutions. We provide business with a drone workshop to experience the joy of operating a drone. We also great a discusing and trying to help business use drones optimally in the near future. CONTACT US for the posibiltys of our drone workshops.

Video editting

We also provide our clients with the possibilty to edit the footage we shoot. We can help you with total productions, drone footage and also edit footage that we make or that you have made so we can produce a total video sollution.

Video Productions

We are also able to provide you with full video productions. Including drone footage and ground footage. Having only drone footage isn't always usefull that is why we also provide our clients the options to produce a complete video. We us the latest technology so we can use our stabilised air system on the ground!

Drone rental

Are you looking to rent a drone? With our drone we are able to producde stunning aerial footage. We always use the latest technolgy in drones so we always produce the highest quality possible. Are you looking for info about drone rental? CONTACT US today!

Drone information
-  356 KM flown
-  768 minutes filmed
-  298 pictures taken
-  8 countries visited


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About US

This is us, the people that are working to make awesome conent

 Pieter Braaijweg 73, Amsterdam 

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Any questions or looking for a price to rent a drone? Just contact us and we have all the information you need about drones!